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About Us

About React Entertainment

React Entertainment is a next-generation games studio focused on transforming classical 2D animation into an interactive gaming experience. React was founded in 2009, and has developed a remarkable suite of proprietary technology for the creation and delivery of animated 2D game titles. React’s first title, The Act, is a completely new gaming experience that makes gaming feel like playing a classically-animated movie.
The company has offices in both Miami (USA) and Montréal (Québec), and recently partnered closely with Algomix Solutions (Montréal, Québec) in the development of its recent title. To contact React, please just send us an email.

Daniel Kraus – Principal & Co-FounderDan combines over 20 years of technology experience with an in-depth background in the Internet, Games, and Digital Media segments. As an entrepreneur, he has co-founded and built three companies, including a software tools company, a web based animation aggregation service, and more recently, React Entertainment. Dan graduated from Fordham University with a BS in Computational Physics and Music, and also holds a Master’s in Philosophy. He sits on the boards of several startup companies. In his spare time, Dan likes to practice Aikido and snowboard.

Alain Laferrière – CTO & Co-FounderAlain brings a wealth of technology and games experience to the team, with over 20 years of development in 2D / 3D graphics and game authoring solutions. As lead for the Softimage games team, Alain was the principal designer and architect of the first generation of 3D game authoring tools, co-designed in collaboration with SEGA Japan. As part of this, he spent seven yeas living in Tokyo, working closely with Japanese games developers. Alain holds a M. Sc. in human-computer interfaces from Université de Montréal, and is the inventor of texture pre-rendering technology.

Jean Laferrière – VP, ProductionJean started his career in animation and production at the NAD Center in Montréal, where he specialized in character animation. He worked at Ludia on a variety of successful on-line games, and has also produced a wide variety of character animations for both domestic and international markets. In addition to his animation credentials, Jean holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Economics, and has over ten years experience as a market and business analyst.

Omar Khudari – Advisor Omar began his professional career in 1982 as a computer games programmer and designer at Tom Snyder Productions in Massachusetts. In 1987, Omar and a fellow TSP programmer founded Papyrus Design group, an entertainment software developer. Omar ran Papyrus as CEO from its inception until 1995 when it was acquired by Sierra On-Line. After Papyrus, Omar joined Viaweb, an internet startup, as COO. After 18 months, Viaweb was acquired by Yahoo. Since Viaweb, Omar has advised a range of technology companies, as well as founding Cecropia, the company that created the original Act game.

Original Development Team

Directed by

Omar Khudari

Story by

Omar Khudari

Jennifer Fey McWilliams

Broose Johnson

Music by

Peter Moore

Game Sequence Directors

Broose Johnson

Omar Khudari

Anthony Michaels

Steven Charles Geer

Movie Sequences Directed and Edited by

Broose Johnson

Production Designer/Art Director

Joseph Calabresi

Artistic Coordinator

David T. Nethery

Software Design

Dennis Munsie

Game Production & Multi-Platform Integration (React Entertainment)

Alain Laferriere

Jean Laferriere

Daniel Kraus

Additional Support and Porting Services provided by Algomix Solutions, Inc.

Game Logic Programmer

Stewart Hannah

Associate Producer

Donna J. W. Griffiths

Studio Executives

Ann-Marie Bland

Desmond Pieri

Animation Production Management

Jackie L. Shadrake

Engineering Management

Ingrid C. Moncada

Animation Director/Story Art

Broose Johnson

Additional Story Art

Peter Raymundo

Workbook, Layout and Background Art

Joseph Calabresi

Steven Charles Geer

Ken Spirduso

Color Styling and Background Painting

Steven Charles Geer

Leigh Ausiello

Ken Spirduso

Joseph Calabresi

Associate Artistic Coordinator/Final Check Supervisor

Eddie Pittman

Edgar Supervising Animator

Alexandre Dorogov

Sylvia Supervising Animator

Anthony Michaels

Senior Animators

Barry Temple

Charlie Bonifacio

John Hurst


Antony deFato

Darko Cesar

Branko Mihanovic

Satjit S. Matharu

Craig R. Maras

Ron Cohee

Sean Springer

Rob Corley

Tom Bancroft

Jr. Animators

Chad Thompson

John Pierro

Peter Raymundo

Ronnie Williford

Pamela Mathues

Special Effects Animators

Tony West

Raymond Pang

Joel Biske

3D Graphics Animator

Christine Z. Chang

Flash Animator

Hugo Giraud

Clean Up Animation Department Head

David T. Nethery

Edgar Lead Key Assistant Animator

Rusty Stoll

Sylvia Lead Key Assistant Animator

Daniel A. Gracey

Misc Character Lead Key Assistant Animators

Bryan M. Sommer

Jason Peltz

Kellie Lewis

Key Assistant Animators

Merritt F. Andrews

Miyul Lee

Janelle Bell-Martin

Eddie Pittman

Pamela Mathues

Antony deFato

Teresita Quezada-Geer

John Pierro

Phil Boyd

Assistant Animators

Dominic Avant

Lisa G. Lanyon

Clean Up Artists

Greg Hill

Travis Rinehart

Additional Clean Up

James McCrimmon

Cerissa Grieve

Beverly Lehman

Thomas Thorspecken

Monica Murdock

Shiyin-Sean Luo

Tao Huu Nguyen

Hugo Giraud

Seung Kim

Joel Biske

Maurilio Morales

Sean Ramirez

Roland Mechael Ilagan

Willie Castro

Phillip A. Jones

David Mar

Jacque Pierro

Lon Smart

James A. Harris

Stephanie Olivieri

Weronika Kapelanska

Kyung Hee Baker

Paul Mota

Seung-Gwan Yang

Myunghee Heo

Game Engine Software

Dennis Munsie

Ingrid C. Moncada

Eric Hustvedt

Ryan McMahon

Sandy Terrace

Software Tools

Evan Bernstein

Dennis Munsie

Stewart Hannah

Additional Game Logic Programming

Brian Peltonen

Operating System

Scott Madin

Engineering Support

Kristen McNeely-Shaw

Fred Noonan

Julian Thibeault

QA Coordinator

Joe Howard

Digital Image Processor

Jessica Milliner

Production Coordinators

Greg Hill

Mike Brassell

Ron Betta

Production Assistants

Jessica Milliner

Travis Rinehart

Bethany Putnam

Leigh Ausiello


Sally Russell

Production Accountants

Susan M. Pooley

Cynthia Chapman Silva

Lexington Office Coordinators

Lynne Ventura

Priscilla Kilbride

Florida Office Coordinator

Kristina Kaufman

Field Test Manager

Sherri M. Belski

Field Test Support

Nadia Fenton

Collin Stabler

Nikolas Gavelis

Ben Davidson

John Riley

IT Support

Parag Desai

Sean Kane

David Schrag

Digital Ink and Paint Services Provided by

Helix Digital, Nova Scotia, Canada

Helix Lead Compositor

Jason Young

Additional Animation Services Provided by

Sam Cho

Trevor Deane-Freeman

Chuck Gammage Animation, Inc. Toronto

Project Firefly, LLC, Orlando

Squeeze Productions, Toronto

Usability Testing

Matt Belge

Kiosk Design Services

Essential Inc.

Kiosk Engineering Services

Cooper Perkins Inc.

Production Support

Rachel Maguire

Evan Saunders

Special Contributions - Early Development & Prototype

Jason B. Parker,

Point and Click Solutions

Special Thanks to

Ronald Baum

Additional Thanks to

HalfTime Pizza

Jay Gee's Fun Center

King's - Boston

T's Pub

Quincy Farmer's Market

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