"It’s the most original game I’ve seen in a long time." — Charles W.

"It’s a cinematic experience." — Kimberly O.

"The quality of the animation is amazing." — James D.

"I could feel the emotions of the characters!" — Ray H.

"I was laughing so hard..." — Rick R.

"I could play this all night!" — Rob M.

"It’s a video game that I can actually play with my girlfriend!" — Greg O.

"I hope to see more of your style game in the near future." — Nick G.

"A game that appeals to children and adults!" — Jean N.

"A video game I could actually play with my wife!" — Ray H.

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The Game

In the tradition of the world’s most classic animations comes The Act – a unique, film-quality game that lets you control 2D animated characters completely interactively.

Enter the magical world of Edgar and Sylvia – two unforgettable characters drawn together by fate and circumstance. Help Edgar - a well-meaning window washer – in his quest to rescue his brother, save his job, and romance the woman of his dreams!

Follow the characters through hilarious adventures, and across a visually-rich tapestry of scenes and scenarios. Experience the unique, adaptive musical score, and sound effects that respond directly to real-time gameplay.

With stunning visuals, a captivating storyline and simple controls, The Act is a tremendous deal of fun for anyone (6-65+ years), and an exciting new form of animated game.

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